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Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum: Review


We have always viewed Vitamin C as a vitamin that keeps us healthy, especially if you catch a cold, getting as much tea and vitamin C in your body was a priority. But we were unaware that there are creams, serums and a whole lot of skin care products containing vitamin C. We oftenly share our daily and night skin care ritual secrets with our friends, and during one of those talks, a friend, who knows practically everything there is when it comes to preparative skin care, mentioned vitamin C serums, and shorty afterwards, gave me one (thank you, G.).

Mary-Lou Manizer The Balm: Review


We always strive to achieve that natural “no makeup” look. And for us a perfect way to do it is a highlighter. The best way is that you can wear it alone, at least we do. Just a small drop on the tip of our nose, or inner corners of our eyes will help us to get natural and more awake makeup look. We love to try out new highlighters, and after hearing so many great reviews about Mary-Lou Manizer Luminize, we decided to buy it.