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Lavera 3 in 1Cleansing Peeling Mask: The Review


For the last few years we started to use more natural products. As we ran out of washing gel, we decided to try out something new. During the saturday’s walk at Muller, products by Lavera have caught our eye, and since we haven’t used them yet, we decided to give them a try. After the long decision making, and the anxiety we caused to our gang that was waiting for us, the decision has been made! We choose the Lavera 3 in 1 mask&peeling face cleanser. We love multitasking products, so we invested all our hopes in this one. First let’s start with packaging, a simple 125ml tube with price of $6. As for the product and ingredients, we really liked the strong mint smell, which is great in the morning for waking you up and refreshing.