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Healthy No-Bake Energy Balls Recipe


If you consider yourself a healthy food lover, or food in general, especially desserts, then you’ll love today’s recipe.

More than a month ago, we made energy bars (check out the recipe here). Since we loved them very much, we decided to try and test different ingredients while remaining in the domain of healthy food. Couple of recipes later, we managed to make perfect healthy balls.

Simple And Healthy Granola Bars Recipe


Tasty, healthy, easy and quick to make, perfect for fans of sweets that would like to avoid chocolate or biscuits at least ’till Easter. If you found yourself in the previous description, then this is the perfect recipe for you. At our house, a day can go by without having something sweet, whether it’s cake, cookies, biscuits…

Make Your Own Gummy Candy – Only Three Ingredients!


Who doesn’t like gummy bears? They were totally our favorite as kids. Especially the red ones. Yum! But we all know how bad these little gummy candies are, at least as far as calories and blood sugar are concerned, and given the fact that after the first candy it’s hard to stop, we have decided to make healthy homemade gummy candies, with only THREE ingredients.

Roasted Pumpkin Soup


Autumn has begun, and with it so does the rhapsodies of aromas and plusses on the weight scale. We simply can’t resist apple pies, cinnamon rolls and inescapable soups. We comfort ourselves that we need to prepare our bodies for the long and cold cold winter, oh sweet lies, as sweet as the pies that we eat. Besides, after a long autumn walk, the best thing we can do for our frostily body and empty stomach is to warm them up with a warm and tasty soup, right?

No Bake Mini Easter Cheesecakes


If you ask us, no bake baking is definitely our favorite kind of baking… Not only it is quicker and easier, but you also don’t have to worry if your cake will turn out to as a true masterpiece or a complete fail. So for today’s post we decided to share with you our favorite recipe, no bake mini cheesecakes, Easter version….They are so easy to make! And this is coming from a girl whose gingerbread cookies melted… yep!

Heart Shaped Cookies – Quick & Easy


We know, we know, Valentine’s Day is over, gifts and tenderness have been exchanged, and why would we now bring you a recipe for pink heart shaped cookies, you ask? Well, we think that when you love somebody, you should show and celebrate that love daily, and what better way to do it than with cookies?