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Interview With Jewelry Designer Neža Žehelj


We are super excited to introduce you to one of our favorite jewelry designers, Neža Žehelj. You all know how much we love minimalist jewelry, and when we stumbled across Neza’s Instagram feed, our first thought was – wow! It has the coolest minimalistic vibe that is so unique and chic. It’s kind of jewelry that you’ll want to wear all the time, and literally goes with everything. We talk with Ljubljana based designer about her design process, inspirations, life and more.

Minimal Jewelry You’ll Fall In Love With


If you follow us on blog and social media, you will know that we are sooo into earrings at the moment. We really like picking up unique and unusual pieces, with cool shapes…. but, this doesn’t mean we don’t like a good piece of minimal jewelry, quite the contrary, they are our favorite. We absolutely adore the last two pieces that got into our collection… so, we thought it would be nice to share them with you.

Interview With Fashion Model Isabell Rödén


If you still haven’t heard about Isabell Rödén, now’s the right time! With her amazing style this Swedish model is certainly one to watch. We have been following and admiring her work for some time now, and you can imagine our excitement when she agreed to do this interview. She talks about her modeling career, her personal style and also gives us a peek into her beauty routine…

Lush Soft Coeur Massage Bar: The Review


We, as probably everybody on Earth, love Lush. When we enter their store, it’s like we entered a chocolate factory; everything looks so tempting, frangrant and delicious like candy. Do you agree with us?

Soft Coeur is easily our favorite massage bar, and when you take a look at ingredients you’ll know why. It’s made out of real chocolate! Besides chocolate, there’s honey, bergamot and almond oil.

Lavera 3 in 1Cleansing Peeling Mask: The Review


For the last few years we started to use more natural products. As we ran out of washing gel, we decided to try out something new. During the saturday’s walk at Muller, products by Lavera have caught our eye, and since we haven’t used them yet, we decided to give them a try. After the long decision making, and the anxiety we caused to our gang that was waiting for us, the decision has been made! We choose the Lavera 3 in 1 mask&peeling face cleanser. We love multitasking products, so we invested all our hopes in this one. First let’s start with packaging, a simple 125ml tube with price of $6. As for the product and ingredients, we really liked the strong mint smell, which is great in the morning for waking you up and refreshing.

Mac Face And Body Foundation Review


Mac face and body, one of makeup artists favorite choices, and one of the most generally loved foundation has recently been available in Croatia, so encouraged by all the praises it received, we decided to try it out. After some six month of using it, it’s time for a review. The product comes in practical bottles of 50 ml and 120 ml.

Blog Love: Interview With Floortje van Cooten


We had the pleasure of interviewing fashion and lifestyle blogger Floortje van Cooten. Floortjeloves is more then a fashion blog; its a place where you will feel comfortable and get inspired. The Netherlands based blogger has an amazing sense of style, and the number of 9073 Instagram followers proves it. We talked about her blog, her influences and inspirations.

Sweater Weather: Q&A


Favorite candle scent?

Frankly, all candles come to our mind. Also, essential oils. We recently had an article on how to make a candle, so if you’re in the mood, you can check this out.

Best Drugstore Lip Pencil


Seeing as how we rarely wear lipstick because they’re always inconvenient to put on when in a rush, we always reach for lip pencil. Although we thought that pencils dry up the lips and don’t look too good on them, we were wrong. Creamy, easy to apply, great shades, and matte texture.