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‘Cow Print’ Is Officially Fall’s Biggest Pattern Trend


‘Moooo’… that would be the perfect word to start this post, because after the return of the leopard, tiger and snake, the time has come for another animal, a domestic one – and you guessed it, it is cow. In a very short time, cow print became a fashion imperative and found its place not only on the shelves of the most fashion brands, but also in makeup and nail art.

How to Wear the Western Boots Trend This Fall


Bring out your inner cowgirl! Western boots are the it-shoe of the season! Street style, Instagram, and the new shoe arrivals on every shopping website are a proof of that. As you might expect, the history of cowboy boots is full of legends, but still no one really knows who made the first pair. Designed as a practical tool, cowboy boots were low on style but high on function.

5 Tips to Transition Your Summer Wardrobe Into Fall


It’s hard to believe fall is right around the corner… there are only 3 days until 1st September!! Time just seems to fly. In Croatia is still hot  AF, but the temps are going to start cooling off soon ( we hope!).  Don’t get us wrong, we love Summer, but we also love refiling our closets with our favorite fall outfits. We always try to make the most out of our clothes and cook up new ways to wear them.