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4 Breathtaking Items For Home


We have been thinking about home decor a lot lately. We have probably grown up (not probably, but surely). Pages like Pinterest and searching through stores that are unfortunately not available in Croatia can serve as an endless well of ideas and inspiration, right? Writing down a shopping list for Ikea, combining styles and designs is really satisfying.

Bohemian Homes


Today we take you into the world of interior inspired by inevitable boho style . Combining the colors of earth tones with materials of different textures, lots of pillows, colorful carpets, it`s just what characterizes this style.

Decorate your home with colors


Summer is already here, so we decided to replace the minimalist style by something more playful. If you decide to freshen up your home and play around with different colors and textures, look at a few suggestions that might inspire you and make your home happier and warmer place.(Kako nam je ljeto došlo, tako smo ...