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Obsessed With: Leopard Print


As much as we love minimal black coat, sometimes we need something bold and playful in our closets. This time it was leopard print. We must admit, that this print wasn’t our favorite, we always tied it with something tasteless and exaggerated. But, we were totally wrong. Now, in our closets we have a bunch of leopard print things.

Baker Boy: Stole Our Hearts


We must admit that we are not a big fan of caps. Partly because our small heads, making every hat or cap too big. Because of that, we rarely buy them, but this trend has encouraged and thrilled us. We recently mentioned in an article the Baker Boy Hat and how it instantly takes us back in time of Love Actually and Keira Knightley wearing it.

Favorites of 2015


Today we were thinking of doing something different and share with you some of our favourites that we loved during 2015. We would like to kick off with oxford shoes, not so long ago we wrote about mens oxford shoes, but we have to admit that we love them both.

Faux Fur Domination


The biggest trend this winter is definitely, faux fur. From Kate Moss to Kim Kardashian, like it or not, fur is taken over the streets. Soft, warm and luxurious, it will give every outfit that “wow” effect. How to style them? Stay tuned.

Boyfriend`s Closet


Menswear is more and more attractive to us, we haven’t only once crashed in the mens department or in the wardrobe of our boyfriend, a friend or a cousin. Straight, clean lines are perfect for combining simple comfortable outfits.

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Lace Up


One of our favourite trends this year which can be seen everywhere, from Pinterest, Instagram to shops are lace up shoes. They look so sexy and yet feminine at the same time.