Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2017


Love is in the air, everywhere I look around….. Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and people have all sorts of feelings about it, some even despise it. But for us it is really a nice way to treat each other and show some love, whether it is just a chocolate, card or a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Sometimes the smallest gestures means a lot. If you still don’t know with what gift you want to treat your lover, bestie or mom, we got you covered. We’ve searched and searched to bring you a collection of perfect but also the cutest gifts, check them out!


Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

1. CHOCOLATE CARAMELS (buy here)                                 4. SOCKS, TOPSHOP (buy here)

2. T-SHIRT, H&M (buy here)                                                    5. LINGERIE SET, MISS CROFTON (buy here)

3. CARD, ETSY (buy here)                                                         6. CHOCOLATE SPREADS (buy here)



Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

1. ZENBUNNI GARDEN CHOCOLATES (buy here)                       4. CARD, ETSY (buy here)                                

2. EAU DE TOILETTE VETYVER (buy here)                                     5. BRIEFS, ZARA (buy here)

3. PYJAMAS, H&M(buy here)                                                           6. CLEANSING MASQUE (buy here)


photos: H&M, Zara, Topshop, Etsy, Aesop, Anthropologie, Bio Bio, L`occitane, Miss Crofton


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