The Blossom of Youth


Illustration, an old art form, is making a big comeback and in style! Interest for illustrations is growing more and more every day. Today we encounter them mostly in combination with typography, so the artists can emphasize the message they’re sending to their audience. Messages on t-shirts, coffee mugs, walls, and even on our mobile phone screens, has become a very often choice in the last few years. We wanted to choose something different that stands out and sends a message in the same time. After spending a couple of hours Within the wast choice of illustrations, we have stumbled upon illustrations of a South Korean artist, Aeppol.


You can feel that a lot of work and effort is invested in every illustration, and to bring a lot of character while keeping the illustration simple is definitely not a simple task, but Aeppol excels in that. She makes charming, unique and humorous illustrations, where she tries to capture the beauty hidden within small things, unexpected gestures, or a sudden smile, the moments from everyday life who inspire us before they disappear.


Pursuing my passion as an illustrator requires a connection between those who enjoy the emotions held in my work and the process of creating it. „ – says Aeppol

The Blossom of Youth collection contains an art book that’s a perfect addition for a coffee table or reading nook, a wrapping paper book which is perfect for wrapping presents to your loved ones in every occasion, posters that portray the idyllic and serene moments of a young couple experiencing life, adorable buttons that are perfect pieces of flair for every outfit, and unique and funny post cards that beat anything you’ll find in the rack at the convenience store.

Wrapping Paper

In case that you’re looking for something to give your loved ones that will amaze them or simply put a smile on their face, we think that these illustrations are the perfect choice. Check out our favorites, and if you wish to find more about Aeppol and her work, check out her web page.

Wrapping Paper