Relax Day With Oleum Trade


It’s the end of the work week, are you tired and exhausted? Would you just lie down, turn on your favorite TV show and make yourself a big cup of tea? Yes, that’s exactly how I feel today. But I was delighted by the Oleum brand package.It really lifted my spirits and the day went in a completely different direction. When I opened the box I was overwhelmed by a beautiful scent. I wish you could feel it too. The smell of the spa, clean laundry, the smell of winter, fresh, clean and comforting.

oleum trade

Then, for a moment, the scent of lemongrass, sea, waves, lavender, the scent of vacation. In addition to the beautiful scent, I must also praise the packaging, which is very modern and minimal, and as well as the scent, it has very clean lines. If you haven’t heard of Oleum Trade, then this is the time. This is a small Croatian manufacturer that makes handmade candles, soaps and fragrant salts. All products are made by Mrs. Dubravka, whom I would like to thank for brightening up my rainy Friday, and cheering me up with this gift. In the package we got a Relax candle whose scents I described right at the beginning of the article. The candle is made of soy, which I was extremely pleased to see. Namely, soy candles are much healthier. They do not release toxins, they are biodegradable, burn at a lower temperature, are environmentally friendly, and last much longer than paraffin candles.

oleum trade

The candle is handmade, completely natural, and cruelty free. A truly beautiful candle that I believe would delight many as a birthday or Christmas gift. We got soap / hair shampoo with the candle. The shampoo also smells wonderful, it is enriched with shea butter, lavender hydrolate, essential oils of lemon, grapefruit and palmarose and provitamin B5. I have to mention that the products are beautifully packaged, after I use up the candle, jar can be used for other purposes and the shampoo also comes in a cardboard socket so it is great for recycling. Up at the beginning of the article I said how this packet completely changed my day. It’s really true! I decided to make a self care day.


I’ve already talked about the self care routine that helped me at the start of the pandemic. I remembered how much it helped me then, and this rainy Friday really needed help. I filled the tub with water, added my scented salts to it, lit a Relax candle that filled my bathroom with the scent like in best spas. I put a mask on my face, poured myself a cup of chamomile tea, and washed my hair with Oleum Trade shampoo. I have to admit, I really needed this. Relax, self care, and a great cup of tea. It can’t get any better. Right?