Marko Stout`s Chelsea Girls Will Blow Your Mind


Connecting the compatible and incompatible, creativity, high doses of energy, and some chaos are the elements that characterize the artist named Marko Stout . Born in South Africa, Marko’s journey was not the path of a conventional artist. As a child he moved to America where he spent most of his childhood in the small summertime resort town along the New Jersey seashore, and got a degree in biology and medicine. Yet art was stronger and ruled that he continue to develop his passion for painting and the arts.

Marko Stout.

His collection of mixed media prints, Chelsea Girls, particularly intrigued us. A new way of depicting women who are no longer timid and mild, but strong, courageous and intelligent who know how to fight for themselves. What makes each painting unique is a story behind it and the window through which the artist shows us the spontaneity, energy, passion and power of the human spirit. Using the powerful and strong colors he shows the energy and accelerated life of New York. Showing beautiful women, different types of body structure, posing frontally from either the torso up or a facial shot only.

Marko Stout.

Stout finds its inspiration directly from the environment, but pop art legends such as Andy Warhol, Richard Hamilton, Roy Lichtenstein, Jackson Pollock and Jeff Koons had a major impact on his work. This type of art can cause a different reaction from each observer and critic individually because we are not all the same, and the point is precisely that, the involvement of the audience in active participation in the perception and in the creation of works. This is exactly what Mark Stout does, he includes the audience in his works. We can especially highlight his Manhattan Project No.09 where viewers are invited to put on headphones and get entranced in a modern, rhythmic portal.

Marko Stout.

Today’s art collectors are no longer looking for art that’s just pretty — they want rigor and art that tells a story. As emerging artist Marko Stout enters high-end luxury art markets, many collectors are turning their attention to the vibrancy of his work” –  Joy Donnel, Luxury Lifestyle.

Marko Stout


Marko Stout’s works can be seen at numerous international private galleries, if you want to find out more about his work check out his website:


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