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Today we simply can’t spend a single day without internet and our smartphones. Do you wake up and then the first thing you do is checking your instagram, twitter or facebook news feed? This is our daily routine as a blogger writing about fashion and trends. Keeping up with the current fashion news and trends is crucial, so every morning, with a fresh cup of coffee we flip through every  fashion magazine, portal and, of course, blog. Just when we started thinking about how it would be great to have all fashion blogs on one place, we stumbled upon a website called Fashjé. Fashjé is the premiere fashion social network where fashion designers, consumers and enthusiasts can go to socialize, shop, and stay current on all things fashion related. Fashjé was created because a niche audience of fashion focused social media users were identified with no central location to socialize, post events, share information, post blogs, and shop. Logging in and out of several platforms and switching between apps can be tedious, a Fashjé user can manage all social media profiles within Fashjé and post and view content that is only fashion focused. Also,  is the funnel eliminating the noise of ‘come one come all’ social media like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram.  Sounds good, right?

fashion social network

photo: www.fashje.com

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