How To Start Yoga- 5 Simple Steps For Beginners

Yoga exercises have a full effect because they put body and soul into balance.

With proper execution of yoga you learn breath control which makes you more relaxed, more flexible, blood flow increases, muscles get stronger and vital organs get more oxygen. You can find below answers to questions that i had myself when i was starting with yoga.




When you decide to do yoga, first question should be why? Do you want to reduce stress, anxiety, do you want to be more fit and become more flexible? These are the questions you should ask yourself not only to understand the reason why you want to do yoga, but because this way you’ll find out which type of yoga is best for you.



This second question is important as the first. Do you want to do yoga in the comfort of your home or go to yoga centers and work in groups or would you prefer doing yoga alone with your instructor. For beginners is best to attend yoga classes, but if there isn’t any available in your area or you wish to do it alone, there are great apps and YouTube channels for that.  Doing yoga in your home has benefits like building up your discipline, you can do it whenever you want or when your body is ready. Also, your focus is better if you do it alone because no one will distract you from doing your exercises, and of course, you will save money. But, the great thing with yoga is that you can do it absolutely everywhere, in the park, on the beach…it doesn’t matter, all you need is a yoga mat and you’re ready  to go. Perfect, right?

YouTube channels that I love: Yoga with Adriene, SarahBethYoga

Apps that I love: Daily Yoga app, Simply Yoga





One of the most frequent questions is how. how to do yoga and what do i need for yoga? I would say your will and a mat. For starters you can exercise on a blanket, and if you like it or if you’re going to yoga studio you can buy a mat. Another great addition is a pillow or a block. Block can significantly ease some of the poses.


How often do I need to do yoga?

This question depends from person to person, but also time and how you feel in that moment. Sometimes i would do yoga every day, and sometimes once a week. Sometimes i do it for an hour and sometimes for 5 minutes. Perfect thing about yoga is that you can do it whenever and as much as you want. Sometimes i prefer doing Ashtanga yoga and sometimes Hatha yoga. As you see, the answer is based on personal preference and feeling.


What if i’m not flexible?

Trust me, when i started doing yoga, there probably wasn’t a person in the world that is more unflexible and more out of shape than me. With time you will be more flexible i will do yoga with ease, you will advance pretty quickly, and with that you will get more motivated. Start with beginner exercises, don’t expect too much from your body, but give it time and you will see the transformation. And most importantly, enjoy!


3 Responses
  • Yaya
    June 9, 2019

    Wonderful post! I’ve been putting off starting yoga for a while but this has really got me very interested!!❤️

  • Em
    June 10, 2019

    I’ve really being toying with yoga so this is a great post for me. I’ve saved the youtube channels xx

  • ThatAutisticFitChick
    June 10, 2019

    Can I add a recommendation for the TrackYoga app too? I used simply yoga for a while and built my own flows, but I like earning points with TrackYoga to unlock new classes or singles which motivates me to keep going.