Health And Beauty Benefits From The Sea

Although we are still far from summer, we like to imagine sometimes that we are only a few days away from it.



We already wrote how the sea and sea salt are beneficial for our body. They don’t only help with physical health, but it’s a tremendous help with mental too. Just remember  how easy you fall asleep when you’re near the sea, or how just seeing the waves relaxes you. The sound of waves affects us too, on breathing itself and inhalation of negative ions which balances our happiness hormones. When we are away from sea, we like to treat ourselves with sea salt baths, peelings, and we use it in cooking.

Along with sea salts, we oftenly use fish oil. It’s widely known that fish oil is on of the richest source of omega 3 fatty acids which reduces risk of heart disease, regulates cholesterol, improves immune system...You can consume it by, of course, eating fish and in form of pills or liquid.




Sea vegetables or algae contain large amounts of almost every mineral. They regulate metabolism, detoxify, protect from viral infections, lessen the effects of PMS and many more. They are very important for people who don’t eat meat products. Spirulina, a form of Microalgae, boosts immune system, is rich in vitamin b12, and eases menstrual pain. It is mostly consumed by adding it in juices. Algae are usually eaten when almost raw or when hot water is poued over them. You can mix them with vegetables, put them in salads, miso soups, or you can use them for sushi.

Another product of the sea are sea sponges, which are a great alternative to synthetic sponges. This water organism has been known for it’s qualities since ancient times. Sea water flow allows the sponge to have slow growth which is responsible for it’s thickness in the end. Sea sponges can be used for an amazing and gentle peeling, they contain minerals that help with arthritis and likely with some forms of cancer. When it comes to skin care, there are two types of sponges: processed and semi processed. Processed sea sponges have a very fine texture, gentle yellow color, they feel silky and are suitable for even the most sensitive skin. They are so gentle that they are good for kid’s skin,  too. Semi processed sea sponges have a rougher texture and provide a stronger peeling effect. They are long lasting and perfect for normal skin.




If you are looking for sea sponges, Volo has a very wide selection. They follow a 300 year long tradition of sponge diving. Sponges are collected by hand from the bottom of the Adriatic Sea. Great thing is that they aim to preserve the natural resources so they only apply methods which protect sponge’s habitat so it can revitalize and create a sustainable relationship between commercial needs and natural resources.


photo: Pexels, Volo