Halloween Wishlist


As soon as the fall comes, we get ready for Halloween. As true fans of the horror genre and masking, we start preparing for our favorite holiday already in the beginning of the October. In today’s article, we are bringing you a small wishlist. In the last few years, we shared with you a few of our favorite recipes, like the classic candy apples (look here), or somewhat different, but entirely scary ghost cookies (look here).

We are still considering whether we’ll try out any new recipes, but if our house is not going to smell of our cookies, it will definitely going to smell of Fornasetti candle. These candles not only smell gorgeously, but their look is effective too.


If you ask us, what really makes the mask work, is it’s accessories. We found these perfect shoes that would even make Morticia Addams jealous  in Rosegal, and also socks and this great vintage-esque cap. We are only missing a dress that we’d complement with a brooch.

This bra by Agent Provocateur has been on our radar for a looong time. It looks really great, and it’s and it’s androgynous look will be a perfect fit for Halloween. The only reason that it’s so long on our radar and not already bought, is it’s high price.

If we were to pick just one lipstick to wear on Halloween party, we would definitely opt for  Mac Ruby Woo. Our every Halloween party ends with watching a horror movie, and this year’s pick is a classic, It. And because of that, the book It has found it’s place on our wishlist too. Have you read it?


Halloween wishlist



Halloween wishlist




photo: Mac, Amazon, Net-a-porter, Rosegal


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