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As we approached the spring, the first thing that we do is try to work out…again. We don´t know if you have the same problem as we are, but when it comes to exercise, we often give up. We would have a plan to exercise every morning, and we would do it for a couple days, and then we were just tired, or would plan some other things, and just give up. Remember the article about yoga? We went on an adventure and spent a month practicing yoga with Adriene. The feeling was great, but at the end we also gave up. So this time we will try be consistent, never skip the days (this is the biggest problem) and become healthier and stronger. We went to Adriene’s you tube channel and found a new set of exercise called yoga camp. It started back in January but it is never too late to start, right?

This would be probably a grueling and painful process, so we really need to arm ourselves with good will and motivation. And in our case it always come after a good shopping. It may sound funny, but a good selection of clothing will make easier to do exercises in a proper way.  For us during practice yoga, the most important thing is sports bra. Poor-fitting sports bra can ruin our entire workout experience. We always have a problem with the sizes of the sports bra, in many cases they were too tight and prevent us to breathe properly. So we decided for the brand Core by Sha. They offer affordable premium quality performance active wear for women.

Beautiful and unique design in one way, high-performance support and soft to the touch fabric in other, it is a win-win for us. The choice is really huge, and they also have a new Spring/Summer 2016 Collection, which features 3 piece matching flower garden track suit, high performance flower leggings, and colorful dreamy high performance tops, you can find them on www.corebysha.com .We opted for colorful double strapped bra for more support, and Maya sports bra with adjustable straps. An adjustable strap will help us to customize the bra to our particular shape.  Check out the gallery!

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photos: Core by Sha

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