3 Things we Need to Know When Buying a Reusable Water Bottle


I’m certain that you bought at least one bottle of water or juice this week. Am I right? Yes, staying hydrated is very important and we mustn’t forget to drink enough liquids. Those plastic bottles are the most used kind of plastic. And unfortunately, these disposable bottles mostly end up in nature. But, great thing is that today we have alternatives that are eco friendly and much healthier, both for us and for the planet. It is only important to choose the right one.

stainless steel bottle

Choose a bottle made from quality materials

When choosing a reusable bottle, it is a priority to pick the one that is made from quality materials. Glass or stainless steel are the best choices. They are known to not release harmful substances into the water, and won’t change the flavour of your beverage.

Don’t buy plastic bottles that have BPA

If you opt for plastic, make sure to choose the bootle without BPA. BPA is a chemical that can be released into your drink, making it change its flavour and more harmful.

Choose light

If your bottle is heavy, trust us, you won’t be reaching for it very often. Glass bottles can be qute heavy, so the best choice would be stainless steel bottles. But, if you have allergies, opt for tritan plastic.

Reusable Water Bottle

24 bottles: Clima bottle is a reusable bottle made from stainless steel. It has a double wall which keeps your drink warm for 12 hours and cool for even 24 hours. I have to state that these bottles have a gorgeous elegant design, very subtle and not tacky. They are perfect for warm and the coming colder days. Bottles don’t contain any harmful ingredients, they are 100% BPA free, phthalate free and plastic free. If you love carbonated drinks, the fact you can even put them into the bottle will surely make you happy.

Additional plus for me is that the opening is wide and I can even put ice cubes into it. I’m using this bottle more than I thought I would. It is my trusty companion on every trip, when going to a shopping mall, even when I’m going to sleep. If you like drinking tea, and it bothers you when it gets cold, then this bottle is perfect for you. I pour my evening tea into the bottle and if I don’t drink it by the time I go to bed, it will still be warm when i get up in the morning!