Interview With Fashion Model Isabell Rödén


Isabell Roden


If you still haven’t heard about Isabell Rödén, now’s the right time! With her amazing style this Swedish model is certainly one to watch. We have been following and admiring her work for some time now, and you can imagine our excitement when she agreed to do this interview. She talks about her modeling career, her personal style and  also gives us a peek into her beauty routine…

Tia Teilli: Tell us about your career as a model. How were you discovered?

I started very late, when I was 20. My sister Anna Katarina Larsson studied photography in Stockholm when I lived in Östersund.
She wanted me to model for her school project. We would travel to Morocco at the time for vacation and she photographed me there. It was fantastic.
After that I moved to Stockholm and I got an agency there called, Mikas.

My career took off after being found of the street style photographer, The locals. I was on my lunch break in Stockholm. We did meet up for a photo shoot later, after that I started to get more modelling jobs.

Tia Teilli: What’s one of the most interesting shoots/jobs that you’ve done?

Being a model is not my goal in life, I love acting and have recently made a commercial for Telia Denmark. I must say it has been the most instructive work with so much fun at the same time.


Isabell Roden


Tia Teilli: You grew up in Sweden, what are your 2 favorite places in the country?

Östersund, were I grew up. Döda fallet, the calm that exists in that little place is indescribable. I think Stockholm is a beautiful city.

Tia Teilli: What is your beauty regimen like? Do you have any secrets?

Haha, I’m afraid I do not have any. I believe in the natural. But to mention my hair, I use Aussie. It’s cheap and amazing.

Tia Teilli: Favorite item in your closet?

I can’t decide. I am so fascinated by the art and work behind every garment hanging in my wardrobe. I still think my crazy printed trousers from Henrik Vibskov is as nice today as when I bought them 2 years ago. I’m not really getting tired of my clothes so I don’t know how to choose my favorite. I guess I just love to find new ways of thinking in my styling.


Isabell Roden


Tia Teilli: Who are your favorite fashion designers and brands?

Barbara Casasola, Rodebjer, Le Maire, Agger Flachs, Mr Larkin, Nike and many more.

Tia Teilli: What are your modeling goals? Where do you see yourself in the future?

There have been several times that I thought that I do not want to model anymore, but then I got some jobs and I still love it, so I just keep going.  I might work in theater or music in the future.


Isabell Roden


You can check out Isabell`s Instagram, where she gives you a peek into her life.

Thank you Isabell for this great interview!


photos. Isabell Rödén

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