Interview With Fashion Blogger Jules Jacobson


With an impressive 7,146 Instagram followers and a chic and polished wardrobe to steal, we couldn’t wait to get the inside scoop on the life of NYC fashion blogger Jules Jacobson. We talked about her inspirations, fashion obsessions, life and more.


interview Jules Jacobson


TIA TEILLI: Can you tell us more about your blog and what inspired you to start it?

My blog was created after struggling to find what exactly I wanted to do and what I enjoy the most in life. I was always laughed at when I was younger for having such “weird” style and eventually used it to my advantage to show people that anything goes and it’s all about making it work.

TIA TEILLI: Your number one fashion inspiration?

I have always been inspired by what I see on the streets. I am really good at seeing what I like, and making it my own.

TIA TEILLI: What are your current fashion obsessions?

Currently I am obsessed with sock boots/sneakers, and a good chunky knit.

TIA TEILLI. Favorite fashion item in your closet?

Wow, this is hard… probably my Gucci loafers… I got them at a crazy deal and they are just so classic… I wear them with everything!


interview Jules Jacobson


TIA TEILLI: If you had to describe your personal style in one word, what would it be?

This is the hardest question because my style is always changing! I would have to say “Bold”- I am really a mix of timeless style and cutting edge fashion.

TIA TEILLI: Β Is there one thing that you’ve never done but would love to do?

Lots of things! But probably go on a Safari in Africa.

TIA TEILLI: Tell us more about ‘Custom Closet Stylist’ – How did you come about that?

After coming across people telling me they loved my style in person, I realized that one of the reasons I started blogging was to give people inspiration, not only in pictures but personally helping them find the perfect outfit for them. I feel like as a blogger, I want to do more then show myself in pictures every day, but actually help people gain a new sense of fashion!

TIA TEILLI: Do you have any fashion advice for putting an outfit together?

My advice would be to have 5 favorite staple pieces that are easy to mix together. This way you can mix and match without of course wearing the same outfit twice!


interview Jules Jacobson


Thank you Jules for this great interview!


photos: Jules Jacobson Instagram

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