Wallpaper Trends To Try


When we think about wallpapers, the first thoughts that pop in our minds are probably: old-fashioned, 70s, weird geometrical beige patterns, hard application and even harder removal. Well, maybe it’s time to change your mind! The 70s are basically ancient history now, and since then the technology made a huge progress, making the wallpapers of today much better in terms of quality, and are probably more durable than a painted wall. They also give you the possibility to completely change your interior, make it more interesting and special.

Along with a wide choice of looks, wallpapers can also be made to be easily maintained and cleaned, which is great if you have kids running around the house. This could’ve come in handy for our mom, who in the late 80s after freshly painted the walls went to have a coffee and a little break. As she drank her coffee, I decided to have a creative project using my colored pens and freshly painted wall as a canvas.

If you opt for wallpapers, it can really encourage your creativity and highlight your taste. You can go with trendy palm leaves, floral or minimal patterns, retro flower design, or you can wake up in a green lush forest, or maybe on a sandy beach. The choice is completely yours.


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