Guest Post: Inspiring Balcony Designing Tips


Many people do not use balconies except for storing things they do not need in their apartments. However, there is much more to balconies than this and they can actually be used as great relaxing corners. In order to realize the full potential of your balcony, it should be decorated and redesigned to accommodate all your needs and wishes. Here are some tips on how to do that and achieve the best look possible.




Since these are usually small places of no more than a couple of square meters, the main purpose of decorating is to make them visually larger and more appealing. Therefore, it is essential to pick the right decorations and details.

Among popular ideas are small, sweet and cute details like candles, pillows and cushions, as well as wall decorations. Just because it is in the open, it does not mean that your balcony does not deserve a few of your favorite photographs or posters. Think of this space as your peaceful oasis and make sure the decorations follow that idea. Finally, when focusing on pillows and cushions, make sure they are perfect both in the sense of comfort and color.

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Color Coordination

Since your balcony is already in the open, it has plenty of natural light and you should take that into consideration when choosing colors. You can match the colors to the ones in your other rooms, or go in completely new direction – or even copy the fashion sense of modern clothes designers.

With so many things packed in such a small space, however, it is easy to lose track with the decorations and overdo them. Therefore, when it comes to colors, choose the base color and two or three side colors to complement it. Take the colors of the walls, the flowers and the furniture into account and try not to make everything too bright and messy.

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Flower Power

Having an abundance of sunlight, balconies are ideal for your flowers, especially those that are vivid and radiant. You can plant them in flower containers or pots and they can be your only decorating element on the balcony. Moreover, once you have quality flowers, the time spent on the balcony will be immeasurably richer. Based on your preference, there are plenty options to choose from, so get right onto them.

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Furniture Choice

In order to completely enjoy the perks of your newly decorated balcony, you need appropriate outdoor furniture that will provide you with limitless hours of enjoyment. Whether you want to get a tan, eat breakfast or have an evening cap, this is the best place to do so. Furthermore, some people like taking quick power naps on the balcony and allow themselves fifteen minutes in a comfy sofa and fresh air.



New Is Always Better

When speaking of decorating, be sure that new ideas are always a positive addition to your balcony. Hence, introduce quality wooden flooring, cozy seating options and discreet lighting in the picture. Ultimately, things like a rocking chair, a wooden bench or a porch pouf are always good choices for a balcony.


by Lana Hawkins


Authors Bio: Lana Hawkins is a crafty girl, food lover and student of Architecture from Sydney, Australia. She loves writing about home décor and garden design. Also, she is a regular contributor to Smooth Decorator. In her free time she loves cooking for her friends and family.


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