9 Best Christmas Home Decoration Ideas


Writing this post is making me very happy! Advent time is here, accompanied with Christmas markets, everything is somehow prettier, warmer and happier. We love this time of the year, and we have to admit that we got in the Christmas mood right after Halloween. Do you belong in our category as well? Put your hands up…we’re certain that we’re not alone in this. Decorating the house makes us extremely happy, and every year we pick a theme and try sticking to it. This year we picked Nordic theme, so we’ll see if we were going to stick to it, or we will buy absolutely everything in sight because of too much excitement.   Also, every year we try to make at least one diy, we think that this time of the year is ideal for creative workshops, those two make the ideal pair. Warm fireplace, glass of warm punch, Christmas music, and let your imagination run wild. If you want us to share some of our diy projects, feel free to write us here or on our Instagram.

Today, we will dedicate this post to Christmas decorations that caught our eyes. First place we usually start looking for decorations is Ikea, especially when it comes to nordic theme. Little mushrooms are too cute, and we intend to put them not only on our Christmas tree but in the rest of the house as well. Our old advent wreath was in much need of restoration. Although very old, we are emotionally attached to it, so instead of throwing it away, we decided to breathe new life into it. We took everything off but pinecones which we complemented with mushrooms and now it looks great. This year in Ikea you can find multiple mushroom themed decorations, and plastic and textile ones are the ones which we like the most.  

JYSK is also a place where we love to peek into, and along with their traditional dwarves, this year they put elves in their selection. You can already tell how thrilled we were with this, especially with garland lined with elves. Paper decor like origami can be used as a very cool and unusual Christmas tree decoration. If you enjoy making cakes and cookies like we do, then you will want to add Christmas to you kitchen too. Take a look at these measuring spoons, they are sooo cute! We usually add a few Christmas cups, because it’s not Christmas if we don’t drink out of special Christmas cups. We hope that we gave you some inspiration for the coming holidays and that you liked our picks. There are more Christmas articles coming soon, so write us on Instagram or Facebook what would you like to read about.

christmas decorations
christmas decoration
christmas decorations

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