4 Breathtaking Items For Home


We have been thinking about home decor a lot lately. We have probably grown up (not probably, but surely). Pages like Pinterest and searching through stores that are unfortunately not available in Croatia can serve as an endless well of ideas and inspiration, right? Writing down a shopping list for Ikea, combining styles and designs is really satisfying. Etsy has excellent designers as well, and we also go there often to put something into our shopping list.

We must say that after couple of years in college, and living in our „own“ apartment, two of us now live in our parent’s house, which is a very common thing in Croatia, due to the poor state of the economy and the shortage of workplaces. So the only thing we can redecorate at the moment are our rooms. But a girl can dream, right? But, things that are for living room, kitchen, bathroom, we also put on our wish list, so that we can better be ready than sorry.




 Mirror (buy here), Coffee table (buy here), Candlestick (buy here),  Vase (buy here)


Photo: Ikea, Heal`s, Jysk

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