Frozen Yogurt Bars Recipe


frozen yogurt bars


This post was supposed to be published in June, but it somehow got lost up until now. But ok, it’s never late for frozen yogurt bars, right? They are definitely suited for enjoying all year round. Even more if you love desserts as much as we do. And November is still fairly warm in our parts, so we can use it as an excuse for eating this delicious frozen dessert. These bars were our main dessert throughout this summer, one of the reasons being the simplicity of making them, they are super tasty and they look phenomenal.


frozen yogurt bars


List of ingredients is so short for this one, you basically don’t need to write it down. All you will need is yogurt, honey, fruit, any kind of nuts and 5 minutes. First, prepare a baking sheet with baking paper and pour yogurt sweetened with honey on it. Then you can unleash your creativity, and if you have kids, this will be super fun for them. Put the baking sheet in the freezer, and break the bars into pieces and that’s it! Your enjoyment can begin!


frozen yogurt bars

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