Vegan American Pancakes


I believe that there aren’t a lot of people outh there who don’t like pancakes. I personally adore them! I could eat them basically every day, with absolutely every filling. I love sweet pancakes, salty, classic ones and american. If you’re not familiar with american pancakes, they are smaller, thicker and more fluffier. As for the recipe for pancakes, each of us has their own. Today, I will be giving you my recipe for vegan american pancakes. These pancakes are perfect for breakfast or dinner. They are very easy to make, and have only few ingredients. Just a note: you can replace oat milk with almond or cow’s milk.


1 cup of flour

1 spoon of sugar

half a teaspoon of cinnamon

1 vanilla sugar

pinch of salt

1 baking powder

1 cup of oat milk

1 spoon of apple vinegar

Put all dry ingredients into one bowl. Flour, salt, baking powder, sugar, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and mix them together lightly. In other mix all your wet ingredients. If you’re worried about vinegar, don’t be! Trust me, you won’t even notice it. It will activate with baking powder which will make your pancakes very soft and they won’t feel rubbery. Then mix your dry and wet ingredients together. You can use a mixer, or use a good old fashioned wodden spoon. When you mixed your ingredients well, leave the mixture to breathe for 5-10 minutes.

Cook them on a lightly oiled pan over a light fire. You should heat up your pan before that. Be careful about the size of your pancakes, remember, these are american, they are smaller! When you pour you mixture in a pan, wait for bubbles to create, then filp it over. Pancakes should achieve a nice golden color. Serve them with any filling you wish. Enjoy!