Wood Watches? – Yes Please!


wood watches

You surely know by now that we love minimalism. When searching for a watch, we tend to put lots off attention on its design. Our find has us delighted and our minds blown away by Wristwood watches. We adore that it is made out of pieces of real wood.  A combination of Swiss movement and Indonesian sandal wood, it matches every single outfit. Best of all, Wristwood watches are for both men and women. It also makes for an exciting, good looking gift for the upcoming festival days. The only thing yet to be decided is which style to pick – White or Black.

Dating from Egyptians to present, watches have always been a reflection of elegance, good taste and prestige. In today’s hectic time, every moment is important, and for this reason we expect from these little gadges to be sustainable, simple and effective. And that’s what Wristwood watches definitely are. Interesting and beautifully simple, yet different enough to make you feel special while wearing one of them. The best thing is that the Wristwood straps are adjustable, which is ideal for people who have smaller wrists. As we aforementioned, having wood as their main feature is what makes these watches so special and unique. Wouldn’t you want to be different and stand out from the masses? If yes, these watches are a perfect match to you.

wood watches

photo: Wristwood