Vinyl Inspired Outfits



photo: Indiewire

Did you watch Vinyl? Great music, cast and of course costume design. Directed by Martin Scorsese, Mick Jagger and Terence Winter, Vinyl shows us, not only the power of rock’n’roll and people but also rich visual look into New York music scene in the 1970s. We can say that the show came at the right time. 70s inspired clothing we can buy everywhere from designers to high street stores. Jeans and trousers trapeze cut, faux fur coats, bohemian bags, shirts with bow around the neck, and beautiful dresses. How this show largely slipped under our skin, we decided to make two outfits inspired by actresses who perfectly wear ’70s.

Dress is always a good choice, so we found perfect two dresses from Girl Intuitive, a worldwide fashion boutique. They have beautiful vintage inspired dresses which are unique, special, and really reflect the old days. Women can find captivating and lavish pieces of jewelry from France, Turkey, and Africa, Latin American or from India and Nepal, to deck any style you choose. For the first combination we chose dark pink dress with long sleeves. As in 70s plastic and huge jewelry was hit, we found a necklace that perfectly fits the dress. Excellent warm black coat with a fur collar, soothing colors and restores them in balance.

70s style


DRESS:Girl Intuitive ; NECKLACE:Girl Intuitive; BAG:Girl Intuitive; COAT: Topshop

In second combination the biggest star is the dress. Tie around the neck give a dose of romance and elegance, we added an elegant bracelet, black purse and beautiful scarf.

70s style


DRESS:Girl Intuitive; SHOES:Topshop; BRACELETS:Girl Intuitive; SCARF:Girl Intuitive; BAG:Topshop

Did you watch Vinyl? Did you like it?


photos: Girl Intuitive, Topshop

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