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tourist sandals outfit

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We are aware that trend of granddaddy or tourist sandals, as some like to call them, hasn’t been embraced by all. It’s the same with Marmite, you either love it or you don’t. We, for example, absolutely love it. Both Marmite and granddaddy sandals. Along with reminding us of childhood and awakening nostalgia, these type of sandals are really comfortable. They are very easy to wear, and they uplift our every combination. Gucci, Chanel and Prada have all put them in their collections making this type of gain more popularity. Being that we are in the middle of summer sales, this is an ideal time for buying one if you like this trend.

I made a mistake and rashly grabbed them before sales because i was afraid they don’t sell out or get put in new collection, as Zara usually does. But along with mine from Zara, you can find really great models at Asos, Pull&Bear, Bershka. We, for example, are really attracted to Teva sandals that surely gained a lot of popularity thanks to this trend. What are your thoughts on this sandals? But, which ever opinion you may have, we can all agree that this is one the most comfortable trend in the last few years. If nothing else, at least our feet will be thankful to it.

Tourist sandals

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long dresses + tourist sandals trend

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photo: Man Repeller


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