Tie Dye Is Fall 2019’s Biggest Fashion Trend

tie dye print

Believe it or not, tie print, which was a trend when we were little, is back! And we admit that as much as we loved it then, we equally love it today. We were quite suprised when we saw it in stores at the start of summer, but it looks like it will be there for the remainder of autumn as well. We have no problem with that! Prada and Stella Mcartney have showed us that on Paris Fashion Week. This print was popular during 1960’s and it came back in 1990’s. This trend is kinda like “tourist” sandals, and not everybody will like it. But it’s fun to us and it brings us back to the days when we used to make our own jeans and shirts with mom.

The name itself tells you how it’s done (tie and dye). To dye a shirt, we used a fabric color. We would tie it in knots with hairbands and in the end we would get a very interesting print. With jeans, we sprayed bleach and get brighten patterns. You need to be cautious while doing this. But, all in all, fun is guaranteed.

And, if you’re nut up for creative projects, you can find this print basically everywhere. Along with colorful prints, we found more subtle and gentle ones in Mango that will be perfect if you don’t feel comfortable in too many colors.


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Photo: Mango, Zara, Asos

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