Summer Fashion Trends We Love


summer trends - slip dress

Being that the summer is almost in full swing, we thought that it’s the right time to write about trends. This year we are under the impression that there are more trends than ever. Polka dots, animal prints, so called fishnets, sport sandals, waist bags… the list could go on and on. Because of that, we decided to narrow it to 4 favorites, find out which ones below.


Satin dresses

Along with linen, without which the summer is unthinkable, satin has made it’s place as a summer material. Although we associate it with formal occasions, this summer has changed our opinion. Do you remember the middle skirt from Asos that we wrote about recently? It all started with it. Beside dresses, shirts and suits made from this material are trending, and believe us ,we wouldn’t mind having some of those pieces in our closet. Not only that we saw them in basically every store, we are seeing them on Instagram and girls on the street too. And we understand why. Satin dresses are great because of the material’s lightness, and they look great in every combination. We like wearing them with both sandals and sneakers. Gold and black dress from Femme Luxe has a nice flow, and back is intertwined and adds a big plus to the whole thing. Length is perfect, and we can already see ourselves wearing it through the whole summer.


summer trends - slip dress


Tracksuits And Heels

This is trend is one of those that you either love or hate. There is no between. It reminds us of J.Lo’s video “Jenny from the block”. Honestly, we have nothing against this trend and we think that it looks great. Almost as combining dresses with sneakers. Why not? This trend has been embraced by Gigi Hadid, Hailey Bieber and a lot of other trendsetters. Because we love to feel comfortable in what we wear, tracksuits are one of the staples on our wardrobe. It is very important to us that they are made from light and comfy materials, especially when is this hot. We are thrilled by the print in this picture, which is monochrome and unusual at the same time, especially when it’s about tracksuits. This lounge wear set has left us speechless, because at first you don’t even know that it’s about tracksuits, which makes it perfect for those girls who are not sure whether this trend would suit them.


summer trends - lounge wear set



Jumpsuits are definitely one our favorite pieces of clothing to wear throughout the whole year. Their trend continues to be strong through this year too. They are very simple to wear, they are easy to transform and you only need small details like jewelry and shoes to make them look more special than they already are. When it comes to patterns and colors, everything is allowed. As we said, they are so versatile that you only need small details to make them pop. Black overalls are favorite with most women, and to us, and we believe that we are not in minority on this one, it plays a role of a small black dress. It is perfect for weddings, going out, or coffee with friends. Although we weren’t so sure about picking this particular overalls because of it’s upper part which is strapless, we have to admit that it has a great structure and that it looks great. We love them for their laid back look and comfort, which in some occasions we really, really need.  We could go on and on about how great overalls are, but we think that you don’t need any more convincing, it is a truly perfect piece of summer clothing, and every woman should have at least one in her closet.


summer trends - jumpsuit


Belt bags

Belt bags have been trying to squeeze in with most favorite trends for a couple of years now. And we think they’ve finally made it (at least with us). In the 1990’s this was surely one of the biggest trends out there, along with crop tops, satin dresses and thin eyebrows. Although we rejected this trend with a force, we eventually realized how practical they are and now we wear them. If you want to get in on this trend it will not be a problem because literally every store has them. Our is from Zara.

P.S. Do you think that thin eyebrows will make a comeback too?