Slip Skirts Are The Only Items You Need This Summer


What do you think about slip skirt trend? We’re so here for it! There is something about that shiny fabric that can transform even the most boring outfit into a super-chic look.  Not to mention the styling options are endless. We found that we could wear this type of skirt in literally any way we wanted to. For casually look, we wear it with graphic t-shirt and sneakers, and for a bit dressed up look, with crop top and heels.

Best of all, they are so comfy – like seriously, and come in a range of colors and prints . From the leopard print, (definitely the most popular one) to the beautiful pastel palette of colors such as mint green, or baby pink.

They are usually made with expensive fabrics like silk and satin, but that doesn’t mean that affordable slip skirts are out of the question. Trust us, they do exist

We had so many questions about this skirt on our Instagram, so we decided to share this look here as well…

I got this skirt from Asos, for about £19.  The skirt is made of satin, with an elastic waistband. The fabric itself feels amazing on. It is figure-hugging and isn’t sheer. No surprise here, the skirt was so easy to style. I paired it with crop top hoodie from Zara ( I got it on sale for about £7) and black high top converse sneakers. This skirt is definitely one of the best investments I have made. 

slip skirt trend

What do you think about slip silk skirts? Tell us in the comments.


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