Prom Dresses


Even though the school year just started, if you’re a senior, you have surely started to think about your prom . It looks like the most fun event in your life, but you have to take care of a lot of things; from which dress to wear, shoes, make up, and who to bring as your date. And with all that in mind, the most fun event becomes a nightmare. We will try to ease your pain by helping you with picking a dress. First and foremost is to feel comfortable in it, you don’t want to spend an entire evening in a overly tight dress, or heels that are too high, or showing to much cleavage which makes you worry about it while dancing and makes you look cheap. We suggest that you don’t go far from your comfort zone, wear a dress that makes you feel comfortable and pretty, and comfortable shoes with acceptable heel hight. Before you head out to the shopping mall, check out the web, there are excellent webshops that will make your choice for dress easy and the prices are really affordable.

prom dresses

In our search for these shops on the internet we have stumbled upon a such shop described in the previous sentence. This webshop Millybridal exclusively makes prom dresses and from it’s wide choice we’ve selected a few dresses that we found appropriate and believe will make you shine on your special night. When choosing a dress, pay attention to your body type. If you are more of a petite figure, pick out a short dress that will make you appear taller. Avoid dresses with a lot of details on them, and with a lot of colors. For taller girls is ideal to wear tall dresses. Wide hips should not be a problem with A-line dresses. Small details, like beads, or a fabric that is more accented from the lower part, should draw attention right on the part of the body you wish to put emphasis on. Colors for the prom are all allowed, choose one you love and feel about the most. We picked a few favorites from Millybridal that we think will satisfy every taste. Beautifully laced, wraps the upper body and the waist slightly wider emphasizing your feminine line. If you wish to feel like a princess, these dresses are the best choice for you.  For more information visit

prom dresses


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