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Today’s time of rapid medical and other technology advancements has greatly shaped the world we live in. Perhaps the greatest impact on our lives was made by the advancement of the internet. It made a lot of things better, including shopping. Yaaay for shopaholics everywhere! If you have been reading our blog from the first day, then you know by now that we adore web shopping. Aside from being in comfy bed browsing pages, everything is more tidier, and finding the exact piece that you’re looking for is made very easy.

We don’t even need to mention a thrill of discovering perfect little stores, or big ones, or ones on the other side of the world. The possibilities are endless. But, does online shopping makes us lazier? Perhaps. But it also makes us more efficient. We use to cross miles when searching for clothes, spending our gas, shoes and legs, and today, we only use fingers and eyes. And a little electricity. We got a little sidetracked, so we’re gonna get back to the subject.

By now you have probably figured out that today’s topic is online shopping. And we’re going to dedicate it to , that we haven’t heard of until now. Specifically, contacted us and decided to kindly give us some clothing articles from her shop of our choice, in return we had to share our honest opinions on those articles with you.  We decided to accept her offer, although we haven’t had any previous experiences with, but it will be good to explore it, both for us and for you. It’s good to mention that you can find clothes at really low prices. So, if you’re on a strict budget, or you simply want something trendy and inexpensive, this could be an ideal web shop for you.


ruffle top tosave haul


We picked out two tops that looked like they were made out of satin embellished with lace details, trendy striped blouse with ruffles, and the last item was a dress with ruffles and dots. Delivery was quick, which is always commendable. We know that they don’t fully control delivery time, but when we receive our items quick, it always leaves a positive impression of that store.


ruffle top tosave haul


The polka dot dress is beautiful, the only problem was that it’s too short for us, but the design and quality are pretty good, especially when you take its price in the account. The same thing is with the white tops, too small, but this time, the quality was not really good. The material is almost transparent, and the lace looks really cheap and badly sewn. But, with the price as low as it is, you can’t expect more.


polka dot dress tosave haul


The brightest spot in this mini haul is certainly the striped blouse which we really like. Quality material, ruffles really flatter our body, even the size is spot on. Our advice is that if you proceed to order from this page you should order a larger size than you usually do, and take a good look at the comments, and the materials that the item is made from. But for the price that offers, you can find really nice items.


slip top tosave haul


Which are your favorite web shops? Do you shop on


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