My Minimalist Gold Jewelry Collection ǀ Everyday Pieces


To be truthful, I have always adored jewelry, ever since I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait for fishermen evening (a town fair with a lot of seafood to eat, wine to drink, and sweets and toys for kids to buy) to start so I can get some new additions for my jewelry “collection”. You can only imagine my excitement when my mom bought me my first little silver ring which I still have, it was the best day ever! After that phase came plastic jewelry that I just stacked layers upon layers until I looked like a Christmas tree. I calmed down with time and started replacing my collection of bijouterie with quality jewelry.

I can say that in the last few years I’ve attained quite a collection of everyday jewelry that I would feel naked without. Today I wanted to show you some of my favorite pieces… so let’s start.  
gold hoop earrings

Definitely one of my favorites that I barely take off my wrist is this bracelet that I got from my mom and dad. It’s made of silver with white gold plating. Like most of my jewelry, it is very minimal and has two small pendants: turtle and aquamarine (birthstone for March). Not only does it look great and being a present from my parents, this bracelet has one more meaning  to me. Honu, the makers of this bracelet, donate 10% of their profits to the Sea Turtle Conservancy in Florida. That’s pretty awesome, right?

La boutique de Lulu is a french jewelry brand from which I have two bracelets, for now. Bracelets are really well made, and design is flawless. If you haven’t heard of them, I recommend to check out their Instagram, they have a gorgeous collection.

Chicks Jewelry is handmade jewelry from Croatia. Modern and minimal at the same time. I have their necklace which is made of brass with 24k gold plating. Length is adjustable, and what I love the most about it are three different pendants that make this necklace to stand out. I also have a Chick Jewelry bracelet, Emotional Chick, which is also made of brass with 24k gold plating and I like wearing it paired with other bracelets.

jewelry collection - earrings

Juno, founded by Anita Dujić, is also a Croatian jewelry brand. For now, I only have their Srčika earrings in my collection. Earrings are made of high quality silver. The thing I like the most about these earrings is that they’re lightweight so my ears don’t hurt, and that you can take off the little heart pendant, so you basically have two earring for the price of one!

Karat Jewelry also comes from Croatia. I love supporting Croatian brands so I always try buying from them. I’ve been looking for a signet for quite some time, and just as I decided to get one from Mejuri, Karat came with a new collection, and you guessed it, signet rings were it’s main features! I have the smallest one, and I gotta admit that I was thrilled with its quality and design. I also have to compliment their staff which was very kind and helpful.

Last year, I bought two infinite rings from another Croatian jewelry brand, Iva Viljevac. I loved their minimal design and how they’re great for layering. I opted for silver and silver with gold plating. I wear them every day and only little flaw is that the “golden” one is not so golden anymore. Although I don’t bathe with jewelry and take rings off when washing hands, somehow the gold plating has peeled off and the silver beneath is showing. But despite that, I love those rings and I wear them every day.

If you don’t have a big jewelry budget but want to have quality jewelry, our recommendations always go to Asos. Their sterling silver is of high quality, and even those with gold plating still look great and it’s in my collection for quite some time now. They renew their collections very often and jewelry is very modern, minimal and great for layering.

Kingsley Ryan is a British brand which we love. I go to their website very often to check out what’s new. If you love refined and elegant jewelry, but with a modern twist, you should surely check them out too.

gold jewelry