Must Have: Dainty Rings


In the last year, we practically stopped wearing jewelry. And when we wear it, it’s usually very minimal and simple. Why? To be honest, we don’t know. We used to wear huge statement necklaces, and a lot of rings, but not simple ones, but the ones that Snoop Dogg would wear.Β Maybe we outgrown them, or maybe our taste has changed. If you’re on Instagram everyday, there are probably interesting photos that catch your eye. That oftenly happens to us, it has a positive effect on our eyes, but negative on our wallet. It happend again recently, when we stumbled upon a few photos that took to a page with before mentioned jewelry.

Minimal Rings

Simple, minimal, and very special to us. We have nothing against big necklaces, bracelets and rings, but minimal jewelry won our hearts. We saw The Minimal Jewelry page on Instagram, and we get enough of their rings. Despite all being very minimal, each ring has that special something, if you know what we mean. Especially Slim Silver Ring decorated with pearl, or with crystal. We think that hose two would look great together.

After a couple of days, we stumbled upon a photo from Mejuri. And their evil eye ring, ahhhhh!!! When you see it you will understand our reaction. Beside evil eye rings, chain rings looks like a perfect everyday ring. In fact, we would wear it on special occasions, oh who are we kidding, we would wear it every day, for all of our lives! We still don’t have any of this rings in our collection, but we are soon to correct this.

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