Monthly Wishlist


A lot of time has passed since our last wishlist, so we decided to make a new one. There are so many new things that we want, and the last SS colections, designer and high street are sooo good. But not only clothes are on our wishlist, some beauty gems found their place too. Let`s go!

Our first stop is Zara and H&M, and first thing catching our eyes are jeans! At first look, such a basic piece, but let’s be honest, we will never have enough of them. We really love high-waisted ones, but also with distressed hem. Although we really love Zara jeans, those from H&M are quite phenomenal this spring.

Second piece is from Zara, beautiful silky black top. It looks so feminine, so sexy in one way, and cute, pj looked like in other. These tops with jeans, are a perfect combo, and in Zara we found more than one, and guess what? We want them all. This wishlist woudn’t be complete without shoes. Last year we bought so many heels, so this year we are on a hunt for a perfect pair of flats. And we found them in H&M, black slingbacks with pointed toes, and the best thing is, of course, price. How cool is this bag? Not only it is a huge trend, this bag will look amazing with any outfit combination.

And last thing on our wishlist is this beauty gem. We really love micellar water, and our first choice was Garnier, but we recently found out that there is also micellar oils, that not only cleans face, but also removes makeup and nurture skin. And this one is from Biobaza with mimosa extract.



Photo: Zara, H&M, Biobaza


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