Mini Wholesale Haul


For the last couple of month, we developed a habit of internet shopping. And exploring web shops. Last month it was a web shop Wholesale. Shop is based in Hong Kong, it has really low prices, and we were interested in quality and delivery. We ordered three things, which arrived pretty fast. So, all praises for delivery, and as for the quality, keep reading.

1.  T-Shirt (buy hereShort sleeved t-shirt with great quality and print, it’s only problem is that it’s too small. We usually wear sizes XS or S but this is really small. While ordering, it looked like a perfect oversize basic t-shirt on a picture, but in reality is very skintight.

2. Overalls (buy here) Similar situation like the one with the t-shirt, too small! This time we ordered M size, because of their small sizes, but it wasn’t enough. They are excellent quality and very comfy and soft, so we’re really sorry.

3. Pencil skirt (buy here) A skirt that every woman should have in her closet, apart from wearing it in the summer, will be perfect for the winter along wit a warm pullover. And guess what? It’s the right size! After two tryouts and sadness because of the small items, finally, a smile on our faces!





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