Laptop Cases For Every Style


For us, it’s impossible to imagine a day without laptop. We do most of our work on it, and when we’re finished working, we watch movies, shop and get inspiration for further posts on it as well. Can you imagine your day without using a laptop? Along with stickers on it, it is very important for us to have a bag so it can travel safely with us across the world. Most of the bags are very classical and boring, but Fyy case has a pretty big selection of bags and other accessories. Two of them especially caught our eyes. first one is Waterproof Canvas Bag for Galaxy View 18.4. This bag may look classical, but it’s modern and timeless look really got to us. You can choose the bag in various colors (blue, purple, black, gray and red), and alloy handles are a really cool addition, as well as a long strap that can go over your shoulder. It is waterproof which makes it perfect for spring and autumn, and inside you can find a whole lot of compartments which are always a savior to us, because we like to be organised and having a lot of compartments really helps with that.

The second bag has a more fun look to it. although you can select it in many prints, we opted for the leopard one. It’s fun, cool and modern. Leopard print hasn’t been out of style in years, so it will be an ideal pick for you if you follow trends. You can also find a lot of compartments in there, it has a lot of room for chargers, pens, papers, for everything. Just like Marry Poppins’s bag.

  Which one did you like more? Which one would you choose for yourself?



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