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Summer has not closed its doors yet! The heat had taken its hold, and sometimes we wonder what to wear.Standing for hours in front of the closet, choosing the perfect combination, sometimes can be exhausting.

Do you feel that you have nothing to wear, although your closet is cluttered? We always want a new thing that will refresh our wardrobe ,  is it a jewelry , dress or new shoes, it doesn`t matter. Any new piece will raise and refresh our outfit . But as we said , at these high temperatures, comfort is one of the most important features when it comes to clothes. And people who know best how to handle it, and in the same way look nice and trendy are people from LA. A brand that is ideal for these summer days is Maven Boutique LA . The collection is composed of perfect summer dresses, such as floral dresses, long elegant dresses, short black dresses that emphasize your long legs, perfect for night out and dance on your favorite summer hit or denim dress  which will look perfect with sneakers or gladiator sandals, and therefore be ideal for high-speed chase through the city or just going to a coffee with friends .

s3We don`t want our outfit to look monotonously, so we have to complete it with something , and jewelry is the right  thing for it. And on that area Maven Boutique LA  offers a great choice, our favorites are simple necklace with a pendant in the shape of an arrow, which fits perfectly with any outfit , and boho necklace  for a bit more daring , they are definitely  hit this season. If you go on vacation, and you are looking for a swimsuit, which will fit you perfectly or just a beach towel with a unique pattern and design, with which you will be definitely different from the others, this store has something for you too.


Owner and creator Karina Nicole began Maven Boutique LA in early 2014 Her vision is to honor women’s dynamic influence in the world- from the nurturer to the dreamer to the explorer . Each season, a new collection is delicately pieced together to acknowledge these ever changing roles .




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