In Love With The Vampire’s Wife Dresses


Not too long ago, on Instagram, we stumbled upon Keira Knightley wearing a beautiful long black velvet dress that left us speechless. It has a simple design at first, but at a second glance you can spot all the beautiful details, ruffles… We immediately started to search for the designer, and like the finest detectives we found out that it is the dress from brand The Vampire wife by Susie Cave. If her surname sounds familiar, it is; she is the wife of the rock legend Nick Cave. Style is everything you would expect when you think about Susie and Nick Cave; a touch of 1950’s with a scent of past centuries, all wrapped up in a modern frame. Rich, shiny, silver, gold and floral materials add to already fairytale-ish creations making them flawless. If we could picture heaven, it would look like The Vampire wife dresses. Magical, golden, rich…


vampire wife dresses





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