How To Wear Oxford Shoes


Shoes that originate from Scotland and Ireland and later named after Oxford University, are classic, charming, and eternal. Shoes that can be worn in really every occasion, from weddings to everyday commute to work. Shoes that make every outfit more sophisticated. Todays article we dedicate to them – Oxford shoes. Sometimes a perfect outfit can be completely destroyed with one, some would say, banal trinket – shoes. They can say so much about men. And for that reason, oxford shoes are an excellent choice, because alongside with being comfortable and eye catching, they fit perfectly with every combination. So guys, be bold and sometimes leave your favourite sneakers aside and replace them with oxford shoes.

How to style them? Very simple! For daily and leasurely outfit an ideal combination is a interestingly patterned pullover, jeans, bag and belt with color that matches the one of shoes. Which oxford shoes to choose? For this look the perfect are plain oxfords that basically consists of the quarter and the vamp. This style is simple but elegant.

oxford shoes Shoes: arrowsmithshoes ; Bag, belt, sweater: Mango

For a more business outfit a splendid choice would make these wingtips or brouges which you may also combine with tweed or with other more casual outfits, but they look perfect on a suit.

oxford shoesShoes: arrowsmithshoes ; Suit:Heart & Dagger Check Suit (Asos)

For our combinations we have chosen a pefect pair of shoes from Chicago based Arrowsmithshoes, established in 1974. which ,besides quality and great design, has a very broad selection so we are certain that the stronger sex will find at least one perfect pair for them.


Photo: Asos (suit), Mango (sweater, belt, bag), Shoes: Arrowsmithshoes


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