How to Choose The Right Bridesmaid Dresses


Bridesmaid dresses are functional, meaningful but now they becoming more and more glamorous, after the wedding dress itself, a bride’s best accessories are her girlfriends. The biggest problem is  how to choose the right dress, dress that will exude elegance and in same way highlight your bridesmaids style. There are some things on which you should watch out, first: don`t  dress them in something hideous, like orange dress with bunch of flowers, and ridiculous hat, so you`ll look better in comparison. They are your friends so make them feel comfortable. Second is probably the size, bridesmaid dress should fit to all bridesmaids and flatters their body shape. Dress should not be too short or have too much cleavage, forget the dresses for clubs. A-line dresses looks good on all body shapes.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Now it`s time to choose the right color.  Of course, we will cross the white, nobody should  dress white on weddings, that`s bride`s color, and we should respect that. Lets your choice be dresses pastel color like champagne, or soft blue, you can`t go wrong with that. Accessories should be modest and discreet, especially if it’s a dress that is decorated with beads and lace. Remember less is more. The biggest question is where to buy that kind of dress, and that`s on their budgets? You should think on everybody financial situation, if the price of dress crossing the budget, consider covering the difference yourself, your bridesmaids will be grateful. We found store that will fulfill all your expectations, Rosa Novias a big on-line UK based shop, which sells all kinds of dresses in reasonable price. All the productions are custom made, which could let you get the goods suitable. They made unique charming wedding dress for different figure and characteristics.  From rich style with magnificent lace to the simple and natural pure style, then to elegant and rich of dream temperament romantic style.  The last rule is HAVE FUN enjoy in your perfect day!

bridesmaid dresses

photos: Rosa Novias

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