Delicate, Minimalist Gold Jewelry | Stilnest Review


Marilyn Monroe once said and sang that diamonds are a girl’s best friend – but we must disagree, sorry M. We think all jewelry is. There is nothing that can boost your self-confidence, and brighten your mood throughout the day like a beautiful piece of jewelry.

We love picking jewelry that has somewhat meaningful attachment, a piece that is personal to us and describes us as a person. Make sense? For the last few years, we both have been drawn to gold jewelry. Simple and subtle pieces, to be exact. One of the reasons why is its versatility, it can be literally paired with everything and look amazing – from comfy tracksuits to feminine spring dresses.

Today, we would like to show you our newest additions to our gold jewelry collection. All pieces are by the Berlin-based brand Stilnest. If you still haven’t heard about them ( which we doubt) here is a quick introduction. They are a small sustainable brand, all of their pieces are hand-made with recycled gold and silver by a small goldsmith family. They also send orders directly from the goldsmiths to minimize the carbon footprint of packages, by not using big fulfillment centers. Amazing, right?!

Gold Vermeil Jewelry Review

The jewelry came beautifully packaged in super cute small blue boxes. we got 4 pieces of jewelry, two rings, necklace and hoop earrings in gold vermeil.

Let’s start first with these gorgeous Mom Band Hoop Earrings. We think yall’ will agree that hoop earrings are a must-have staple in every jewelry collection. These are simple, yet elegant, yet so versatile. And super comfortable too.

Who doesn’t love stacking rings?! It’s so fun to play around with how you wear it. We have picked two beautiful rings; Victorian Initial Ring with engraved letter S, and Mom Wedding Band Ring. And we must admit, they fit perfectly! And look amazing, right? If you are not sure what ring size to pick, on their site is a great table with measurements to help you out.

zodiac gold necklace

The cherry on top, Zodiac Necklace. It’s fair to say, we’re obsessed! It’s handcrafted with a real gemstone ( Red Agate) surrounded by a simple gold frame. Such a timeless piece!

What is your favorite jewelry piece? Have you ever shopped at Stilnest? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Anna
    April 6, 2021

    Love, love, love this 🙂

    • Tia Teilli
      April 27, 2021

      Thank you Anna 🙂