Current Crush: Linen Fabric!


When summer and sunshine starts, so starts our obsession with linen. We wear it from head to toe, it’s on our bed, in the kitchen… linen is everywhere!

Linen’s lightness and comfort is perfect for hot weather, skin breathes in it unlike polyester, which makes your skin hotter than it really is. Some may found linen’s tendency to crease problematic, but it doesn’t bother us; it adds a hint of character, freedom and carelessness. Just the right characteristics for summer.

Linen is a natural fabric, made out of flax plant. Also, don’t forget our grandma’s advice like we did, you should always hand wash linen. We made a mistake once and machine washed it, and it turns out that linen can shrink or damage in your washing machine, so make sure to not be forgetful as we have.

Every summer, we add more linen to our closet, it is really hard to resist the perfect linen pieces when the stores are filled with them. Shirts, dresses, bermuda shorts or overalls are ideal candidates to put in your summer wardrobe. We always choose our linen in natural colors. Like this Zaful kimono, which comes in a beautiful olive green shade. Headbands are obligatory in summertime, but if it was up to Carrie from Sex & The City, they should never came back. We have to admit that we like this returning 80’s trend, especially if it’s something cute like this with maroon shade from Etsy.



p.s. how many times have we mentioned linen in this article? Judging by the 100 times that we written linen, you can see how much we love it and appreciate it.


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