Chic & Cool Tote Bags



Whether it’s a quick shopping trip or a coffee with friends, a bag is our companion. Without her we can’t imagine leaving our house, even if it’s a simple errand like going to buy some groceries, the bag is simply a woman’s best friend.Β Can you imagine your day without your bag? We can’t. We believe that the search for the perfect bag will never end, it’s something that we ladies simply enjoy and love. Choosing a bag that will perfectly complement our outfit, with details and colours that will bring her in fornt or a simple minimalist black bag which we usually choose when leaving for work or going to shopping. Also, if we can choose, we will make sure that the bag looks great. The question is, which bag to choose? The leather one, canvas one, or ? This time, we decided to go for cute tote bags made by designer Cara Diane, who from simple tote bags makes interesting and unique fashion pieces, while bringing a dose of personality in them. She also offers t-shirts, shoes and other accessories. Since we are trying to contribute to the enviromental protection, we try to abstain from using plastic bags, and the perfect replacement for them are these funcional tote bags, which we can use in various situations from day to day, from month to month. Bags are UNIQUE and made from 100% cotton and are perfectly sized. If you think your outfit would look plain and unappealing with tote bags, or you don’t know how to incorporate them in your style, we’ve made two combinations who could serve as guidelines on how to wear tote bags in a leisurely fashion.

In the first combination, we went with minimalist style, combining simple jeans and cute shoes making the bag the focal point of the combination. In this combination you can either go to the store, or doing various quick errands around the city.


In second combinations, we decided to be playful and combine the bag with seemingly un-compatible items, but in the end the bag gives this combinations a dose of playfulness and a cool touch.