Cape Is Always A Good Idea


Capes have become the must have piece in the fashion world. This simple and chic piece can really do wonders, and from simple and boring combination make elegant, fun and chic. Capes are perfect for layering, and for every occasion. We wore it too, but in our defense, it was during high school. We have never thought that we would want to wear it again. But aside from looking great, we cannot forget how it used to keep us warm in cold winter days. There are so many types of capes, from sleek and elegant to trench  or cozy, soft blanket capes. You can wear it with boyfriend jeans and chunky sweater for the weekends or with midi skirt and blouse for the office, it is up to you. Street style is always a good inspiration for us. So we found two perfect capes on page it offers a large selection of women’s fashion styles and the best trends available for a very low price. How to combine them, check it out!

  • Plaid design Ruana
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