Boyfriend`s Closet


fashionPHOTO: Look De Pernille

Menswear is more and more attractive to us, we haven’t  only once crashed in the mens department or in the wardrobe of our boyfriend, a friend or a cousin. Straight, clean lines are perfect for combining simple comfortable outfits. The first thing I would like to mention is that the plaid shirt is a subject that is not only to be found in the male wardrobe, but also the women’s. Autumn and winter are unimaginable without it. Sweater is another thing we can’t do without, it seems to us that every year there is a much better choice within male departments. So we always go get a couple of them, of course, because we love oversize sweaters. The hat protects your head and if your boyfriend does not wear hats maybe it’s the right time to get him one that you will regularly borrow. Asos really has a huge selection, we have found this brown which we particularly like, and of course, a scarf goes perfect with a hat,  and is there anything more romantic than a boyfriend’s scarf that he lends you on a cold autumn’s night? There is not! And to finish, we put the bag, women’s bags are nice and we cannot resist them but men’s have a certain something, minimalism, strength and classics that we want for this winter in our closet, we found a perfect piece in Zara. Do you lend your boyfriend’s clothes, or do you occasionally pay a visit to the men’s department?



photo: zara, mango, asos

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