Bikinis For Those Hot Summer Days


It`s still not too late to go searching for the perfect bikini. How it started, this summer will be looong and very warm , which means you can never get enough bikinis. So we started looking through pages and stores to add a few more to our collection. The trends remain the same, retro swimsuits, one-piece, and of course bikini in the style of the ’70s, which is a big trend this year. Company Bikini Luxe really has everything you need for the summer, a huge selection of swimwear, clothing and accessories and we think that really everybody can find something for themselves.

Bikini Luxe is perfect for women who want to be able to have custom string bikinis and not have to worry about others wearing the same pieces and what is the best at very affordable prices. Deliciously soft fabrics, luxurious patterns, and fun styles are truly what this brand is all about.


Owner of Bikini Luxe is the ultimate bikini geek, girl who grew up on the sunny beaches of South Florida, Candice Galek. She believes the only thing better than a good cup of coffee is a great bikini.

Luxury is not about only looking well put together, expensive, and tasteful. It’s about actually being and feeling that way.”  says Candice

candice galek


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