Big Collars are Fall´s Latest Big Trend


With the first glimpses of autumn, along with cleaning our home, we love to clean out our closets. Putting summer clothes in and autmun/winter clothes out of the vacuum bags always make me happy. Then we go to the next step, reviewing. I’m pretty sure that it happens to you too; you bought something last year which you don’t like that much this year, or it doesn’t fit anymore. That’s pefectly ok. I usually give those items to my friends, or if they are damaged, i recycle them. I still love about 90% of my closet, and I add new things that are missing and will go great with the rest of the items or i get some trendy pieces.

Although we’re pretty minimal when it comes to fashion, collar trend has not bypassed us. Large collars are perhaps among the biggest trends of fall 2020. If you’re a child of the 80’s or 90’s, we believe that you wore collars in special occasions. Birthdays, weddings, Christmas or taking a picture for your passport. On each of those special events, collar was an inevitable detail. Although I looked on them with resentment during my teenage years, I find collars really cute nowadays. If you’re the type like us that doesn’t really like ruffles, flowers and too much colors, dont’ worry! Collars look amazing on mom jeans and black ankle boots as well. I noticed that along with shirts, collars can be also found on cardigans and pullovers. Especially in Zara. If you’re not sure if this trend will be right up your alley, you can try it with collars that can be attached to dresses or shirts (they cost about $7.8).

collar trend


collar trend


photo: zara, mango, ganni, h&m