An Ziemi Jewellery Moment


ziemi jewellery

<p class=”dropcap”>Every outfit doesn’t look complete to us if it doesn’t have at least one piece of jewelry, whether it’s a necklace, bracelet or a simple ring. Do you agree? Although it’s a matter of taste and style, there are jewelry that fits absolutely everyone and any outfit.</p> Pinterest, a never-ending source of inspiration, is filled with beautiful photos that not only show the jewelry itself, but also how to style it. Being always in the search of inspiration and new ideas, while browsing we learned that rings with rocks (opal, crystal, etc.) are very popular. Their simplicity is the main reason we think that they’ll fit absolutely everyone. What makes this type of ring special is it’s delicacy and a broad spectre of colors, and when it comes to jewelry, silver has always been our favourite. During our search, a webpage Ziemi Jewellry has caught our attention. It was launched in 2015 by Alexandra Tugade, in an effort to make beautiful, quality jewelry available to everyone. „Ziemi“ is Polish for „of the earth“, which is reflected in many of their pieces that are made with Argentum silver, which is more pure, bright, and environmentally responsible than traditional sterling, and highly resistant to tarnishing. All of the jewelry is assembled by hand and many pieces are ‘made to order.’